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Some of The Best Colors and Fonts for Business Signs

Some fonts and colors look better on business signs than others; some fonts and colors work better for larger signs, other should be used only on smaller signage. If you are in the process of designing your own business signs, you are surely overwhelmed by the options available, so here are a few tips to help you create the attractive signage that you need to make your business stand out.

The Best Fonts that You Should Consider

Helvetica, Futura and Avenir are the three most popular fonts used on business signs, but that does not mean that you should limit your choice to these three. There are thousands of fonts available for business signs, so when you choose yours, try to focus more on the features of popular signage fonts and to find fonts that display those features. What the three most frequently used fronts have in common is simplicity and elegance – they are all fonts that are composed of clear lines and are easy to read, adding an element of style and of informativity to any business sign. When you choose your fonts, go for sans serif fonts, that is, for fonts that lack those small lines added to the top and the bottom of the font – those tiny extra lines complicate the design and might make your text difficult to read.

When picking your font, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the font – it is very important for readability. As a general rule, thicker fonts are easier to read and they also add a touch of simplicity to the entire signage design. You should also consider the media on which your sign will appear – some fonts look better on a computer screen or on a digital display, while others look better in print or when transferred to some sort of physical media.

Custom signs Denver - things to consider

The Best Colors that You Should Consider

Custom signs Denver creators will tell you that the colors that you use on your business signs will determine the mood and the attitude that your customers relate to your signs with and will also transmit an unconscious message about your brand, therefore you should be very careful when choosing your hues. To be able to pick the hues that create the most positive impact, try to learn as much as you can about color theory and color psychology – while color theory will tell you how to pick colors that work together and create an image that is pleasing to the eye, color psychology will teach you about the message carried by each color, so that you can choose the hues that look great on your business signs and that characterize your brand’s message the most. Until you figure it all out, here are some of the most visible color combinations:

  • A black background with white, cream or very light grey lettering;
  • A white background with black or dark grey letters or with letters in a bright color, such as red;
  • A yellow background with black letters or with dark blue text;
  • A light blue background with black letters.

What Can Make Your Company’s Business Sign Distinctive

business signs Denver

Your business sign is among the most important communication and advertising tools that you can use for establishing your brand, therefore creating a business sign that is unique and stands out from the crowd and using it creatively in the form of outdoor, indoor and digital signage is essential for your business success. Here are some tips that might give you inspiration.

Use Lights

Using illuminated channel letter signs is a great, stylish way to attract attention. Channel lettering is usually executed from sturdy materials, such as aluminum or acrylic and it is also suitable for being indoors as well outdoors. The other solution to have illuminated signage is through light boxes – these signs consist of a box that features your logo or company name and they are illuminated with neon or LED lights from the inside.

Choosing the Right Words

Most business signs Denver designs consist of combinations of graphics and words. While the choice of your graphic elements, of the colors and shapes is essential, the choice of words should not be neglected either. Ideally, your business signs should not use more than 7-8 words – that is the amount of text that average passers-by can take in at a glance. The slogan or message that you accompany your graphics with should be impactful and witty – clever wordplay are usually great.

Minimal Design

Like in so many fields of design, less is more when it comes to the design of your business sign as well. You can use uncomplicated, minimalist shapes and lines that highlight essential information and do not add clutter. If this is the design style that you choose, make sure that the font you choose for the words in your sign is minimalist, too – do not use more than two fonts and pick classic letters that are easy  read, too.

Don’t Be Shy, Use Colors

As a general rule, stronger, vibrant colors appeal more to young customers, while softer hues are more attractive for people looking for calming designs. The colors you use in your business sign should be the ones that you use in your brand image as well, so make color usage consistent. If your products use tined-down hues and you need something bolder for an outdoor sign, pick stronger versions of your brand colors from the same palette or you might want to consider using a dark background for a surprising and attractive signage.

Consider New Materials

The most common materials used for signage indoor and outdoor are metal, acrylic, vinyl, cardboard, paper and textile, but you can also find more playful, innovative solutions that will make your sign stand out, such as inflatable signs. Customized, inflatable signs can be executed in various sizes, allowing you to use them in your shop, in front of it, in the street as well as at fairs, festivals or expositions. The materials that inflatables are made from can resist lots of wear and tear, so you are likely to be able to enjoy the versatility that they offer for years.

Getting the Storage You Need: Are Climate Controlled Storage Units Really Necessary?

Unlike most types of storage units, climate controlled storage containers are designed to help maintain the temperature and humidity conditions inside as stable as possible. This is done primarily to keep certain items from being affected by fast temperature changes or flooding, as well as other possible stressors that could damage them.

But is a climate controlled storage really necessary for what you’re planning? Depending on what you want to achieve by renting cheap storage units near me, this question can have many different answers.

A Look at the Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

First, let’s take a look at what climate control can achieve. Like the temperature in your car during the winter, the conditions inside a climate controlled unit are quite stable and usually kept at a relatively normal level – unless you need them to be otherwise.

Suppose you have bottles of wine that need to be kept at a certain temperature at all time, and you have to move them all in boxes from one house to another when you move. Or maybe you’re planning to move to a new home by next winter, and you need all your electronics to be kept in a safe place for a while, until you’re ready to transport them to the new place. Alternatively, you might have some very delicate scientific instruments that you have to keep in storage for a while, as part of your job.

All these situations typically require climate control, if you want to pull them off. With the help of climate controlled cheap storage units near me, you can:

  • Keep everything safe from extreme heat or cold, and ensure that your storage unit has roughly the same temperature at all times;
  • Maintain humidity levels between certain values to avoid damaging highly sensitive materials;
  • Ensure that the items you store are almost completely isolated from the world outside;
  • Have a dependable team check on the environment inside your storage unit on a regular basis, so that any deviation can be monitored and dealt with as soon as possible.

cheap storage units near me

Should You Consider Climate Control?

Of course, climate control is not for everyone, and if you plan to get it anyway despite not needing it, you’ll find the extra cost to be a problem in the long run. Even though the $20-$30 extra you might have to pay for climate control is not that much in a month, some providers will charge you more than that, and you have to be very careful when you consider signing a contract without knowing how much you’re going to have to pay down the line.

Typically, however, the cost difference is not that much. So, as long as you plan your expenses carefully, making sure that your items are not damaged by a sudden cold spell or heat wave can pay off. By renting a somewhat smaller storage unit that also has climate control, you can even pack items closer together without worrying too much that they might influence each other or that the heat and moisture can become problematic in time.

Cannabis Myths and Facts: Does CBD Get You High?

Cannabis has a reputation for making people high, and most won’t let go of that when judging or evaluating any type of product that comes from the notorious plant. However, things are not as black and white as they might seem.

While cannabis does possess the ability to alter your state of mind and make you unfit to drive a car, for instance, it also has many beneficial qualities due to the presence of compounds such as CBD, which is known for its numerous health benefits.

CBD for sleep Frederick MD

Can CBD Really Get You High?

Unlike what you might have heard, CBD doesn’t actually have the ability to make anyone high. If you’re smoking marijuana or using cannabis products based on raw extracts that have not been refined or processed, chances are you will get high because of another well-known compound found in the marijuana plant – THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol).

As for CBD, it affects only cannabinoid receptors of the body that have to do with functions like pain and immunity. While it does affect the brain as well, scientific research has proven that CBD doesn’t actually have any other psychological effect on the brain except to induce a general state of well-being and calm, which is often attributed to the substance’s ability to influence serotonin.

Some CBD oils are known to make you mildly high, however, that’s because they also contain THC in small amounts. As a result, it’s important to avoid listening to any kind of misinformation about CBD being an addictive drug that will make you high.

The Qualities of CBD

Instead of getting you high, CBD has many qualities and health benefits that you can draw upon to make yourself feel better. These include:

  • CBD has not only been known to help fight off depression and anxiety, but also to have anti-psychotic effects as well.
  • CBD has been known to help people fall asleep and sleep through the night. If you have sleep issues, CBD for sleep Frederick MD retailers may have a solution for you.
  • If you are undergoing substance abuse treatment, you might want to consider CBD as a possible alternative treatment.
  • The compound’s ability to interact and regulate the body’s own natural cannabinoid receptors makes it an excellent solution for a variety of different types of pain.
  • Some test tube and animal studies showed that CBD has the potential to offer help with handling certain tumors and cancers.
  • The use of CBD in diabetic mice proved that it can also be utilized to get rid of diabetes.

Are There Any Side Effects?

So, we already know that CBD won’t get you high. But are there any other side effects that might actually occur? In most cases, CBD oil and extracts are quite safe to use, unless you have an underlying condition that it can interfere with, or if you have a prescription of medicine that, together with CBD, can cause certain harmful aftereffects.

Some studies have detected certain side effects that can happen even under normal circumstances. They include diarrhea, fatigue, and certain changes in weight and appetite.

The Importance of Being Aware of Winter Driving Hazards

Of all seasons, Winter may have the most dangerous driving conditions. The dangerous elements and extreme weathers during this season are many, many of which cannot be avoidable. However, by being aware of them, drivers can take the necessary precautions to ensure that these obstacles are safely overcome. The common Winter hazards detailed in this article have surely been encountered by many experienced drivers over the years, but many remain unaware of the many dangers laying on the road during Winter. The best way to prepare for winter conditions is to contact driving schools in Colorado Springs to see what type of training they offer that will best prepare you or family members for the following conditions.

driving schools in Colorado Springs can help you prepare for winter driving conditions
The Forming of Black Ice
The first and most dangerous detail to be aware of is black ice. The name comes from the fact that the ice form on black surfaces which are very hard to spot. The most dangerous is when this type of ice forms on the asphalt surface, making it almost impossible to see if there is a thin layer formed. It can also be dangerous for people walking on sidewalks a well and the area in which it is present is not distinctive from the rest of the pavement.

Black ice usually forms during the coldest hours of the day, such as the early morning or during the night. Shaded areas on the roadside, under the trees and are also very prevalent of overpasses and bridges. These structures tend to get cooler the rest of the road because of the cold air that passes underneath them, resulting in colder roads. The roads have to be 0 degrees Celsius for black ice to form. Knowing where black ice forms are the best preventive measure that drivers can take to avoid any errors. Roads that are heavily traveled are less likely to form black ice, however, rural locations, as well as, bridges and bottoms of hills are the areas where drivers, especially inexperienced ones, should be fully aware.

Not Seeing What is in Front of You
Sometimes, the extreme Winter conditions make it impossible to view objects at far, especially when it is snowing. Besides a large number of snowflakes block a driver’s view distance, there is also earlier settling of the sun. Shorter days will mean having to drive when it is dark and in combination with snow, the entire view distance will be extremely limited. Not seeing where you are going will make a person’s driving skills irrelevant.

Many drivers make the mistake of not properly cleaning their windshield before getting on the road. Snow might be easier to clean, however, ice could also form on the windshield. Heating some lukewarm water and pouring it on the windshield will melt the ice, making the scraping process much easier. Checking to make sure the headlights work properly is essential during Winter. The same goes for the brake lights. Another tip to stay clear of any dangers while driving in poor weather is a healthy clearance between you and the driver in front, especially during heavy winter rains and snowstorms.

Not Properly Preparing Your Vehicle
Making the right preparation for your vehicle is the best preventive measure one can take to avoid any hazards during winter. Examining the car’s electrical system, checking tire pressure and making sure they are not over-inflated, as well as replacing the tires with the proper ones meant for Winter. An important technical detail to take into account is the battery condition of the car The low temperatures of winter can cause a bit of a headache for your car’s battery. This is also true during Summer, however, a failing battery tends to occur during cold temperatures. The battery of the car is meant to perform well in any temperature conditions, however, it is reported that in freezing temperatures, the capacity of a battery drops about 20%.

These are some important tips to be aware of when driving in the extreme Winter conditions. The road itself poses many risks, even in good weather conditions. The most important factor to consider in maintaining safety on the road is every driver putting into practice the right safety precautions and take into account the safety of their fellow drivers.

How To Make The Area Around Your Exterior Hot Tub Appealing

When you bring a hot tub into your life, it becomes more than just a relaxing space. It will be an exterior design element, so it makes sense to invest time and energy in setting up the area around it. You can decide between a minimalist and a more elaborate arrangement, or you can even choose to add elements gradually, over time.

Options in developing the space for the exterior hot tub

If you cannot decide how to set up the spa area, you should contact an luxury hot tubs Denver expert who can help you by visiting your hot tub location and giving you all the information and suggestions you need. With the help of a landscape designer, you can be sure that you will get a proper arrangement around your hot tub that will fit perfectly with the rest of the garden and the house.

Depending on your priorities, you can add fittings that enhance privacy, elements that complement the aesthetics of the garden or elements that enhance the relaxation atmosphere.

Ideas that ensure the intimacy you need

A simple idea to make the hot tub an integral part of your home is to surround it with large, colorful, vibrant vegetation. This way, you will practically create a private room in your garden.

Plants along with garden decoration elements can form a very nice privacy area. If you prefer something minimalist then you can use plants in addition to a structure like a pergola, a gazebo or a decking area. You also have the option to use hanging flower pots or creeping plants that provide shade and intimacy.

Considering that a hot tub can be used all year round, setting up the area around it becomes even more important, because you must have an enjoyable and relaxing experience during every season.

luxury hot tubs Denver

Ideas that highlight the ambient area

Setting up the area around your hot tub should not be limited to vegetation. Luxury hot tubs Denver retailers suggest that Natural stone elements or other landscaping elements can also be inserted successfully. Also, vibrant lighting will create a perfect atmosphere, especially when using the hot tub after sunset. Flowers with a strong smell like lavender or rosemary bring a sensuous plus to your overall relaxing experience.

If you want the hot tub to be mainly a place to socialize or have fun with friends, you can improve this experience with an appropriate arrangement, by creating a larger space around the hot tub, where you can place benches and even a fire pit.

How do you start the arrangements for making the area around your hot tub more appealing?

Whether you have an existing amenity or want to create something from scratch, you do not need to find the solutions on your own. Installing a hot tub in your garden and getting the most of it is not an easy process, so you should consult with specialists. They will help you understand the differences between various types of hot tubs and accessories, they will help you choose the perfect place to install your appliance and arrange the area around it. You can even benefit from 3D renderings to get a clear idea of ​​what your hot tub area will look like.

The Best Ideas for Modernizing the Appearance of Your Business Office

Are you interested in giving your business office area a complete makeover? While tearing down walls and buying highly expensive office and lobby furniture might be one part of the answer, you can also improve your office look with less expensive choices. Installing new lamps and changing your lobby are just some of the things you can do to modernize the appearance of your beautiful office.

Install New Lamps

One of the best method of changing your office appearance and making sure it looks more modern without putting too much money into the equation, is to buy new lamps and light fixtures.

If you truly want a modern looking office space, a single, bland, central lighting fixture with an incandescent bulb will no longer cut it. Consider buying multiple lights and fixtures fitted with LED lights and artistic looking patterns and designs. Art deco style lamps are becoming fashionable again these days, but the wide array of choices available at your disposal should be enough to help you choose one or more modern lamps that are fully suited to what you’re looking for.

Get A New Conference Table

conference room tables


If you have conference room tables, one of the best methods is to retrofit with a new table top. With a new top made from metal or granite or glass, you can make your conference room look a lot more sleek and even brand new. Moreover, a more durable table top will make sure you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing your table any time soon, so it’s fine if you want to splurge a little.

The same goes for selecting the right desk top. Modern desks typically use glass or wood tops, but there are other options like metal you can consider as well. With a higher contrast difference between the design and colors of your office space, you can achieve the genuinely modern look that you’ve been searching for.

Flooring and Paint

The flooring of your office might need a good makeover, and it’s also better to repaint the walls and perhaps remove the texture or materials that were in place before.

Hardwood and carpet flooring is considered the best choice by most experts, especially if you want a modern looking office. However, stone or tile is also an option, when it comes to getting a more unique look.

As for the paint, consider colors that are softer, but work well to highlight high intensity LED lights. Some of these options would include grey, white or beige color choices, but darker, high contrast options also work for modernizing your office appearance.

Buy New Office Furniture

Finally, one of the best signs that you have a modern looking office is to buy new desks, ergonomic chairs, and modern lobby furniture.

Modern looking office furniture and cabinetry can be practical and considered to look great in a modern office. You can store a lot of items in office cabinetry, and they are considered an excellent asset, especially if your office has limited space and you have to make do with what you have at your disposal.

The Main Safety Tips to Follow for DIY Electrical Projects

Electrical Safety Tips

If you have knowledge of how electrical circuits work, you might want to consider completing a few DIY projects yourself, rather than calling in the pros. However, while avoiding an electrician can save you some money, it can also be a lot more dangerous, depending on the complexity of the project and on your own knowledge and experience as an amateur electrician.


As a result, it’s important to take the main safety measures into account, before getting to work on anything. Keeping safe should be your first priority, and the tips presented below might even save your life someday.


  1. Your Electrician Equipment


Before starting out on any DIY project that has to do with electrical appliances, outlets or wiring, you have to make sure you have the right kind of equipment and gear at the ready. This should include safety goggles and gloves, as well as electrical equipment to test live wires, measure high voltage and current, and fix faulty wiring.


Once you get to work, there’s nothing to keep a poorly insulated cable or a badly repaired tool from backfiring on you. So make sure you check the integrity of your tools and equipment each time you start working on a DIY project. Moreover, it might also be essential to double check your equipment even after you checked it once. That way, you can be sure that you’ll only take properly functioning tools with you.


  1. Be Careful with Live Electricity!


Never work on a live electrical circuit before unplugging all the devices and wires you’re working on. If you’re fixing a light, make sure you disconnect the correct circuit breakers before proceeding, and that you’ve already double checked to see if the light can still be turned on before continuing your work.


Always use voltmeters and ammeters for this purpose. Checking the amount of voltage and current that runs through the circuit is essential, especially when working on lighting fixtures and wiring that plugs straight into the grid, where the power can reach lethal levels.


Also, make sure you protect yourself even while working on unplugged appliances or wires. You can never be too sure, especially if the circuit contains any high value capacitors that could discharge a sizable amount of current when you least expect them to.  As always, if you do not know what you are doing, call on professional Centennial electrical contractors to do the job safely and correctly.


  1. Avoid Working in Damp Conditions


If your home was just flooded or there is a lot of water on the floor, avoid working on any electrical circuits until your home dries, or call and ask for the help and advice of a license electrician.


Any expert can tell you that water and electricity don’t mix well, and in some cases their combination can even be lethal. So avoid it and make sure you take the right safety decisions to protect your family as well, if your home is flooded.


Calling an electrician, even if just to ask for advice and support, is definitely recommended in all the cases presented here. Whether you’re planning on working on a smaller project, or planning to rewire your entire home, a licensed expert’s help will certainly be invaluable.

Hot Kitchen Cabinet Colors – Design Ideas for a Trendy Kitchen

custom cabinet design in Denver

The color of your custom cabinets Denver kitchen is an essential component of your kitchen design, the element that will define the atmosphere in your kitchen and will also have practical implications, such as easy cleaning. Here are the colors that are the hottest today.

Warm Shades of Gray

Gray is regarded by many as a cold and boring color, yet in modern color trends, it is among the hottest choices, especially the warmer shades that have undertones of yellow or green. You can have an all-gray kitchen, with the walls and the other furnishing items matching the gray on your cabinet doors, but gray works great with almost any other color, so another way to use it is to make the color the hue that dominates the kitchen on larger surfaces and to spice it up a little more with colorful accents.

Shades of Blue

Sky blue, navy blue, azure, turquoise, Egyptian blue, cobalt, sapphire – any shade of blue is a great choice for your kitchen. Blue is a calming color in any shade and when used in kitchens, it is also a very practical one that is not sensitive and conceals spots very well. If you choose a darker hue, make sure to contrast it with lighter accents – pristine white works great for a Mediterranean-style kitchen, light gray is also great for toning down a strong hue and brighter colors, such as red or orange can also be used in accents for a bold and stylish look.

Green Hues

The ultimate natural color exudes energy and it is an excellent choice for a vibrant kitchen. You can pair your green cabinets with cream-colored walls, an elegant, marble countertop and some trendy brass fixtures.

Black and White

Black and white never goes out of fashion – combine them in geometric patterns, in a non-figurative pattern or in lines that come together into a floral design, the results will be equally eye-catching. An important benefit of using black and white on your cabinets is that you can combine them with any other color, bright or elegantly toned-down as well.

Shades of Yellow

The color of the sun also works great in kitchens. Whether you prefer amber, lemon or pineapple, canary, corn or some other shade, be aware that yellow is a powerful color that should not be paired with any other statement colors. However, you can pair the color of your cabinets with any neutral color used across the kitchen, even with darker colors, such as shades of brown. You can use brass fixtures to complement your custom cabinets Denver kitchen.

Pale, Powder Colors

They all work great for creating an airy space that is a pleasure to spend time in. Don’t use more than two powder colors on your cabinet doors to avoid the doll house look and make sure to choose the fixtures, including the taps, faucets and the lights to work with your powder-colored items. Try to choose flooring that marries the colors and styles that you use in the space.

The Easiest Way to Clean My House – Tips for Efficient Cleaning

carpet cleaning

House-cleaning is a continuous struggle against the grime and dust that results from using the home for living, but there are lots of ways to make your work more efficient – here is what I consider to be the easiest way to clean my house and maybe it can become the easiest way to clean for you, too.

Combine Activities

The first activity in any cleaning process should be dusting, but simply going around the house with a feather duster or a piece of cloth to remove dust from the surfaces reduces the efficiency of the cleaning process. The dusting phase is actually a good opportunity to pick up things from the floor, to fold blankets and to fluff cushions. Move around the house strategically – start in one corner of the first room to be cleaned and don’t move to the second room until the first one is dusted and all the items are in the place where they should be. Don’t forget to dust the window frames, the blinds the ceiling fans and the baseboard, too.

Pay Special Attention to the Bathroom

Use efficient, but not too harsh chemicals to clean the bathroom. Spray or spread cleaners on the surfaces of the bathtub, on and inside the toilet, on the mirrors, on the shelves and on the racks, too. If you have not cleaned the bathroom in a while and the place has lots of stubborn spots, wait for a few minutes for the cleaners to take effect, then scrub, wipe and rinse everything. Remove hair and other dirt from the bathroom floor with a piece of cloth or with paper towels, then use a mop and some floor cleaning solution to restore the clean sparkle of the floor.


Take out your vacuum cleaner and start using it in the room that you cleaned first, moving on to the next room when you are done vacuuming the first one. Use different attachments to accelerate the process and vacuum on all surfaces, including not only the floor and the rugs, but the furniture, the fireplace and the closets as well.

When you are done vacuuming the rooms, move to the kitchen and vacuum it, too, before doing anything else there – it is easier to remove stubborn kitchen dirt if there is no dust or breadcrumbs in the way.

Visit a Broomfield vacuum store to ensure you are using the best vacuum for your housecleaning needs.

Kitchen Cleaning

Start with the places that are usually the dirtiest in most kitchens: the fridge and the stove. When you are done there, move on to the dishwasher, the sinks, the smaller appliances and clean the cabinets as well. When everything is clean, grab your mop and wash the floor with some soap water. Start in the corner that is the farthest from the door and move towards the door to avoid having to step on the surface that you have already washed.

House cleaning is never an easy chore, but I find that a strategic approach is the easiest way to clean my house – try my method to make your moves efficient and economical at the same time and you will surely be able to clean your home quickly and without breaking your back.