The Importance of Being Aware of Winter Driving Hazards

Of all seasons, Winter may have the most dangerous driving conditions. The dangerous elements and extreme weathers during this season are many, many of which cannot be avoidable. However, by being aware of them, drivers can take the necessary precautions to ensure that these obstacles are safely overcome. The common Winter hazards detailed in this article have surely been encountered by many experienced drivers over the years, but many remain unaware of the many dangers laying on the road during Winter. The best way to prepare for winter conditions is to contact driving schools in Colorado Springs to see what type of training they offer that will best prepare you or family members for the following conditions.

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The Forming of Black Ice
The first and most dangerous detail to be aware of is black ice. The name comes from the fact that the ice form on black surfaces which are very hard to spot. The most dangerous is when this type of ice forms on the asphalt surface, making it almost impossible to see if there is a thin layer formed. It can also be dangerous for people walking on sidewalks a well and the area in which it is present is not distinctive from the rest of the pavement.

Black ice usually forms during the coldest hours of the day, such as the early morning or during the night. Shaded areas on the roadside, under the trees and are also very prevalent of overpasses and bridges. These structures tend to get cooler the rest of the road because of the cold air that passes underneath them, resulting in colder roads. The roads have to be 0 degrees Celsius for black ice to form. Knowing where black ice forms are the best preventive measure that drivers can take to avoid any errors. Roads that are heavily traveled are less likely to form black ice, however, rural locations, as well as, bridges and bottoms of hills are the areas where drivers, especially inexperienced ones, should be fully aware.

Not Seeing What is in Front of You
Sometimes, the extreme Winter conditions make it impossible to view objects at far, especially when it is snowing. Besides a large number of snowflakes block a driver’s view distance, there is also earlier settling of the sun. Shorter days will mean having to drive when it is dark and in combination with snow, the entire view distance will be extremely limited. Not seeing where you are going will make a person’s driving skills irrelevant.

Many drivers make the mistake of not properly cleaning their windshield before getting on the road. Snow might be easier to clean, however, ice could also form on the windshield. Heating some lukewarm water and pouring it on the windshield will melt the ice, making the scraping process much easier. Checking to make sure the headlights work properly is essential during Winter. The same goes for the brake lights. Another tip to stay clear of any dangers while driving in poor weather is a healthy clearance between you and the driver in front, especially during heavy winter rains and snowstorms.

Not Properly Preparing Your Vehicle
Making the right preparation for your vehicle is the best preventive measure one can take to avoid any hazards during winter. Examining the car’s electrical system, checking tire pressure and making sure they are not over-inflated, as well as replacing the tires with the proper ones meant for Winter. An important technical detail to take into account is the battery condition of the car The low temperatures of winter can cause a bit of a headache for your car’s battery. This is also true during Summer, however, a failing battery tends to occur during cold temperatures. The battery of the car is meant to perform well in any temperature conditions, however, it is reported that in freezing temperatures, the capacity of a battery drops about 20%.

These are some important tips to be aware of when driving in the extreme Winter conditions. The road itself poses many risks, even in good weather conditions. The most important factor to consider in maintaining safety on the road is every driver putting into practice the right safety precautions and take into account the safety of their fellow drivers.