Why Are Canoes Made from Cedar a Good Buy?

cedar canoes

Cedar canoes have been around for a very long time, and they continue to impress and inspire people who want to take up canoeing either as a hobby or as a performance sport. There’s even something quite magical about taking your canoe downstream on a somewhat turbulent river, yet feeling the relaxing stability that the precise, handmade cedar design confers.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick thrill or a relaxing journey, a cedar canoe is definitely a great buy; and there are a few very good reasons why that is the case.

Resilience and Safety

One of the main reasons why cedar canoes are a great buy is that they are very safe and stable. A lot of people start out learning how to paddle a canoe by first stepping into a cedar canoe. That’s because they can take their time and relax while they learn how to maintain their balance, without having to worry that the canoe will throw them off if they’re not very careful.

Cedar is very light and strong, which makes it an ideal material for building a canoe. You can build a canoe weighing just over 35 lbs without worrying that it will become flimsy and unstable. Moreover, the fact that the wood is flexible, moisture resistant and easy to work with makes it ideally suited for the type of woodworking necessary to build an aerodynamic boat that will be very resilient when faced with sudden impacts and strong waves.

Impressive Speed and Maneuverability

Wood floats naturally on water and doesn’t require any special treatment to help that process along. Cedar is no different, and with the right design, you’ll find that it can help boost your maneuverability and speed to an impressive extent.

A cedar canoe can be made to be naturally streamlined and to retain a stable center of balance, which allows you to paddle easily and accurately. The maneuverability of even some of the most basic cedar canoe designs will make you feel like you’re in full control. 

Big Points for Style 

Cedar canoes are some of the most stylish boats you’ll ever come across. Sleek, shiny and featuring that chocolate-like, reddish brown color that you only see in movies, they will delight and inspire you, whether you take them for a relaxing trip down a calm river in the valley, or you’re looking for the most dynamic and fast streams to ride it on.

As you paddle your cedar canoe down the creek on a sunny day, the design will glisten in the sunlight, yet the color will remain soft and warm. Cedar allows for many attractive color options and styles, so you don’t have to be confined to the basic look of a manufactured product – as with fiberglass or Kevlar.

Regardless of why you want to buy one, canoes made from cedar can delight you and make you feel like you’re gliding on the water, rather than struggling to keep your balance. The most well-designed cedar canoes are not only artistic looking masterpieces, but also precision “instruments” that will take you exactly where you want to go, safely, at great speed, and also allowing you to maintain full control.