Why Make A Custom Wedding Ring

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The wedding ring is the token that tells the story of the entire relationship and foretells the story of the relationship’s future. As each relationship is special in its own way and the best way to represent it is with unique items, uniqueness certainly occupies the top in our set of arguments to convince you why make a custom wedding ring, but here are some more.

Making a Statement

Your custom design will surely be created to express your style, your values as well as the style of your loved one, so the wedding ring is the best tool to express your love for each other and to tell the world about your love as well.

Tapping into Your Creativity

Custom wedding rings are created to the client’s specifications. You can start the creation process by thinking about your requirements and your preferences, including the material of the band, the number and the size of the stones to be used, whether or not you want anything engraved on the ring.

When you have an overall image of the ideal ring, you can start sketching it. You don’t need to be a graphic artist to create the design – a few lines and some explanation will do or, if you want to create a detailed design, you can browse online sketch elements and put together your design using a computer. There are several websites that provide free design tools – you can pick the cut that you like from the wide selection of common cuts, you can pick the carat weight of the diamond, the shape and the color of the stone in the center and of the stones around it if you want to use multiple gems, the shape of the stone and lots of other features to create the perfect design.

Be as specific as you can, though – whether you use drawings or you explain to Denver jewelers about what you want using words and inspiration from jewel catalogs, remember that the more details you will be able to provide the jeweler, the more likely it is to get the perfect ring.

Creating Value to Surprise Your Loved One without Having to Pay too Much

Uniqueness, especially the unique design that bears your personal touch, adds value to the already valuable band and stone assembly. Custom wedding rings are a bit more expensive to make than off-the-shelf pieces, but just like the items that you can buy from the shelves of the jewelry shop, custom rings are also available in a varied price range.

If you have a budget assigned to the process of designing the ring and to having it executed, you can discuss your options with Denver jewelers – you can tell the jeweler about what you want or you can show him the design, he will tell you about your options, you will discuss the possibilities together, then you will soon see the most unique, most spectacular ring you can imagine in a beautiful, velvet box, ready to be put on your lady’s finger. When you have built a relationship with your jewelers, you will have a place you can trust for your Denver jewelry repair as well.