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Getting the Storage You Need: Are Climate Controlled Storage Units Really Necessary?

Unlike most types of storage units, climate controlled storage containers are designed to help maintain the temperature and humidity conditions inside as stable as possible. This is done primarily to keep certain items from being affected by fast temperature changes or flooding, as well as other possible stressors that could damage them.

But is a climate controlled storage really necessary for what you’re planning? Depending on what you want to achieve by renting cheap storage units near me, this question can have many different answers.

A Look at the Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

First, let’s take a look at what climate control can achieve. Like the temperature in your car during the winter, the conditions inside a climate controlled unit are quite stable and usually kept at a relatively normal level – unless you need them to be otherwise.

Suppose you have bottles of wine that need to be kept at a certain temperature at all time, and you have to move them all in boxes from one house to another when you move. Or maybe you’re planning to move to a new home by next winter, and you need all your electronics to be kept in a safe place for a while, until you’re ready to transport them to the new place. Alternatively, you might have some very delicate scientific instruments that you have to keep in storage for a while, as part of your job.

All these situations typically require climate control, if you want to pull them off. With the help of climate controlled cheap storage units near me, you can:

  • Keep everything safe from extreme heat or cold, and ensure that your storage unit has roughly the same temperature at all times;
  • Maintain humidity levels between certain values to avoid damaging highly sensitive materials;
  • Ensure that the items you store are almost completely isolated from the world outside;
  • Have a dependable team check on the environment inside your storage unit on a regular basis, so that any deviation can be monitored and dealt with as soon as possible.

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Should You Consider Climate Control?

Of course, climate control is not for everyone, and if you plan to get it anyway despite not needing it, you’ll find the extra cost to be a problem in the long run. Even though the $20-$30 extra you might have to pay for climate control is not that much in a month, some providers will charge you more than that, and you have to be very careful when you consider signing a contract without knowing how much you’re going to have to pay down the line.

Typically, however, the cost difference is not that much. So, as long as you plan your expenses carefully, making sure that your items are not damaged by a sudden cold spell or heat wave can pay off. By renting a somewhat smaller storage unit that also has climate control, you can even pack items closer together without worrying too much that they might influence each other or that the heat and moisture can become problematic in time.