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What Kinds of Colors Are Available in Stamped Concrete?

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Stamped concrete, often called imprinted concrete or textured concrete, is an excellent, affordable and modern paving solution that is enjoying huge popularity these days. The solution uses concrete and a variety of techniques to make the concrete resemble natural stone or to create a particular design. Whether used to create pathways that cross your garden and patio areas that will add coziness and aesthetic appeal, or to pave the area around your outdoor pool, stamped concrete is an excellent, versatile and affordable pavement option that allows you to create almost any design. Stamped concrete comes with very few limitations in terms of design and color – here are some things to know about the hues available with stamped concrete.

A Wide Variety of Natural Hues

The most common scope of usage of stamped concrete is to create pathways or paved areas that look as if they were covered in natural stone, brick or wood. This also means that the most common color options available with stamped concrete are terracotta shades, shades of brown, grey and beige.

Modern coloring and stamping techniques allow for the creation of surfaces that are not uniform in terms of coloring or in terms of texturing, the combinations used achieving a wonderfully natural appearance, making it hard to believe for the onlooker that the surface examined is concrete and not natural stone or wood.


Stunning Colors Available as Well

When it comes to laying stamped concrete, there are basically two techniques used: one of them involves the laying of ready-made panels, while the other involves the pouring of concrete that has been previously colored with a pigment or with several different pigments chosen from a wide array of options.

Both techniques allow clients to get not only surfaces colored in natural hues, but also paved areas that strike with unusual color schemes, such as shades of blue, orange, red, green, even black. If the method that pours the concrete can be used, the client has even more options in terms of colors, given that pigments to be added to the concrete in the preparation phase are available in an almost endless array. Stamped concrete Aurora specialists also have many techniques up their sleeve to achieve special, unique coloring that can add a very special appearance to any concrete surface.

Texturing Makes an Important Difference

The final phase of installing a stamped concrete surface is texturing – a process that is just as important as the selection of the right color. Stamped concrete surfaces can be treated to achieve a variety of textures, from rough or matte to surfaces with a satin texture. The selection of the right texture should be based not only on the client’s aesthetic preferences, but also on the features of the area of usage, taking into consideration aspects such as the exposure to precipitation and the easiness of cleaning or of snow and ice removal. The areas that require non-slip surfaces can receive special treatments to make them safe to step on even when the surface is wet.


Can You Get Rid Of Dog Pee On Your Carpet?

You wake up in the morning or come home from work and your dog has a “surprise” for you: a pee stain on the carpet. This is a problem, from two points of view. Dog urine can leave a permanent, visible stain on the carpet. It also has a persistent smell. 

get dog pee stain out of carpet

Stay Calm and Solve the Issue

The good news is that you can remove dog pee completely from your carpet, using regular products you certainly have at home. Our tips will help you clean your carpet whether you’ve just caught your dog in the act or you have to deal with a dried pee stain.

Case 1 – Clean a Fresh Pee Stain

This step is applicable to situation when your dog has just finished peeing on the carpet. The first thing you have to do is try to remove as much of it as possible using rags or paper towels. Press vigorously into the carpet, so that you absorb as much urine as possible.

Next, use fresh water to clean the area. Pour the water on the stain, and then use paper towels to soak it up. Afterwards, put a little vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the area of the stain.

Finally, get some baking soda and pour it over the vinegar. You will notice foam forming on the surface of the carpet. Cover the area with a paper towel and leave it for 24 hours. Rinse the surface and let it dry.

Case 2 – Cleaning a Dried Pee Stain

In some cases, you may not notice that your dog urinated on the floor until the stain is already dry. In this situation, to get dog pee stain out of carpet, you have two cleaning options.

Dish Soap Solution

Dish soap can remove stubborn grease from your cooking pot, so it is very good for dry pee stains, as well. Mix a teaspoon of dish soap with one cup of warm water. Soak the stain with the mixture and then use paper towels to blot the area. Repeat the process as many times as you need.

If you want to speed up the cleaning, use an old toothbrush to rub in the soap and water mixture, but not too vigorously, otherwise you may damage the carpet.

Vinegar, Baking Soda and Peroxide

This is the “heavy-duty” cleaning solution for difficult stains. Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions and blot the stain with a cloth imbibed in the solution. Next, pour more vinegar solution over the stain. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the area and then apply a thin layer of baking soda. Lastly, mix half a cup of peroxide with one teaspoon of dish soap. Pour the mix over the stain and leave it to dry.

Case 3 – Getting Rid of Urine Smell

The stain may be gone, but the pee smell persists on the carpet. In this case, cornstarch is your best ally. Pour it in generous quantity over the area (apply water if the carpet is already dry). Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse with water. Use paper towels to blot the area.

The Easiest Way to Clean My House – Tips for Efficient Cleaning

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House-cleaning is a continuous struggle against the grime and dust that results from using the home for living, but there are lots of ways to make your work more efficient – here is what I consider to be the easiest way to clean my house and maybe it can become the easiest way to clean for you, too.

Combine Activities

The first activity in any cleaning process should be dusting, but simply going around the house with a feather duster or a piece of cloth to remove dust from the surfaces reduces the efficiency of the cleaning process. The dusting phase is actually a good opportunity to pick up things from the floor, to fold blankets and to fluff cushions. Move around the house strategically – start in one corner of the first room to be cleaned and don’t move to the second room until the first one is dusted and all the items are in the place where they should be. Don’t forget to dust the window frames, the blinds the ceiling fans and the baseboard, too.

Pay Special Attention to the Bathroom

Use efficient, but not too harsh chemicals to clean the bathroom. Spray or spread cleaners on the surfaces of the bathtub, on and inside the toilet, on the mirrors, on the shelves and on the racks, too. If you have not cleaned the bathroom in a while and the place has lots of stubborn spots, wait for a few minutes for the cleaners to take effect, then scrub, wipe and rinse everything. Remove hair and other dirt from the bathroom floor with a piece of cloth or with paper towels, then use a mop and some floor cleaning solution to restore the clean sparkle of the floor.


Take out your vacuum cleaner and start using it in the room that you cleaned first, moving on to the next room when you are done vacuuming the first one. Use different attachments to accelerate the process and vacuum on all surfaces, including not only the floor and the rugs, but the furniture, the fireplace and the closets as well.

When you are done vacuuming the rooms, move to the kitchen and vacuum it, too, before doing anything else there – it is easier to remove stubborn kitchen dirt if there is no dust or breadcrumbs in the way.

Visit a Broomfield vacuum store to ensure you are using the best vacuum for your housecleaning needs.

Kitchen Cleaning

Start with the places that are usually the dirtiest in most kitchens: the fridge and the stove. When you are done there, move on to the dishwasher, the sinks, the smaller appliances and clean the cabinets as well. When everything is clean, grab your mop and wash the floor with some soap water. Start in the corner that is the farthest from the door and move towards the door to avoid having to step on the surface that you have already washed.

House cleaning is never an easy chore, but I find that a strategic approach is the easiest way to clean my house – try my method to make your moves efficient and economical at the same time and you will surely be able to clean your home quickly and without breaking your back.