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Hot Kitchen Cabinet Colors – Design Ideas for a Trendy Kitchen

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The color of your custom cabinets Denver kitchen is an essential component of your kitchen design, the element that will define the atmosphere in your kitchen and will also have practical implications, such as easy cleaning. Here are the colors that are the hottest today.

Warm Shades of Gray

Gray is regarded by many as a cold and boring color, yet in modern color trends, it is among the hottest choices, especially the warmer shades that have undertones of yellow or green. You can have an all-gray kitchen, with the walls and the other furnishing items matching the gray on your cabinet doors, but gray works great with almost any other color, so another way to use it is to make the color the hue that dominates the kitchen on larger surfaces and to spice it up a little more with colorful accents.

Shades of Blue

Sky blue, navy blue, azure, turquoise, Egyptian blue, cobalt, sapphire – any shade of blue is a great choice for your kitchen. Blue is a calming color in any shade and when used in kitchens, it is also a very practical one that is not sensitive and conceals spots very well. If you choose a darker hue, make sure to contrast it with lighter accents – pristine white works great for a Mediterranean-style kitchen, light gray is also great for toning down a strong hue and brighter colors, such as red or orange can also be used in accents for a bold and stylish look.

Green Hues

The ultimate natural color exudes energy and it is an excellent choice for a vibrant kitchen. You can pair your green cabinets with cream-colored walls, an elegant, marble countertop and some trendy brass fixtures.

Black and White

Black and white never goes out of fashion – combine them in geometric patterns, in a non-figurative pattern or in lines that come together into a floral design, the results will be equally eye-catching. An important benefit of using black and white on your cabinets is that you can combine them with any other color, bright or elegantly toned-down as well.

Shades of Yellow

The color of the sun also works great in kitchens. Whether you prefer amber, lemon or pineapple, canary, corn or some other shade, be aware that yellow is a powerful color that should not be paired with any other statement colors. However, you can pair the color of your cabinets with any neutral color used across the kitchen, even with darker colors, such as shades of brown. You can use brass fixtures to complement your custom cabinets Denver kitchen.

Pale, Powder Colors

They all work great for creating an airy space that is a pleasure to spend time in. Don’t use more than two powder colors on your cabinet doors to avoid the doll house look and make sure to choose the fixtures, including the taps, faucets and the lights to work with your powder-colored items. Try to choose flooring that marries the colors and styles that you use in the space.