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What Can Make Your Company’s Business Sign Distinctive

business signs Denver

Your business sign is among the most important communication and advertising tools that you can use for establishing your brand, therefore creating a business sign that is unique and stands out from the crowd and using it creatively in the form of outdoor, indoor and digital signage is essential for your business success. Here are some tips that might give you inspiration.

Use Lights

Using illuminated channel letter signs is a great, stylish way to attract attention. Channel lettering is usually executed from sturdy materials, such as aluminum or acrylic and it is also suitable for being indoors as well outdoors. The other solution to have illuminated signage is through light boxes – these signs consist of a box that features your logo or company name and they are illuminated with neon or LED lights from the inside.

Choosing the Right Words

Most business signs Denver designs consist of combinations of graphics and words. While the choice of your graphic elements, of the colors and shapes is essential, the choice of words should not be neglected either. Ideally, your business signs should not use more than 7-8 words – that is the amount of text that average passers-by can take in at a glance. The slogan or message that you accompany your graphics with should be impactful and witty – clever wordplay are usually great.

Minimal Design

Like in so many fields of design, less is more when it comes to the design of your business sign as well. You can use uncomplicated, minimalist shapes and lines that highlight essential information and do not add clutter. If this is the design style that you choose, make sure that the font you choose for the words in your sign is minimalist, too – do not use more than two fonts and pick classic letters that are easy  read, too.

Don’t Be Shy, Use Colors

As a general rule, stronger, vibrant colors appeal more to young customers, while softer hues are more attractive for people looking for calming designs. The colors you use in your business sign should be the ones that you use in your brand image as well, so make color usage consistent. If your products use tined-down hues and you need something bolder for an outdoor sign, pick stronger versions of your brand colors from the same palette or you might want to consider using a dark background for a surprising and attractive signage.

Consider New Materials

The most common materials used for signage indoor and outdoor are metal, acrylic, vinyl, cardboard, paper and textile, but you can also find more playful, innovative solutions that will make your sign stand out, such as inflatable signs. Customized, inflatable signs can be executed in various sizes, allowing you to use them in your shop, in front of it, in the street as well as at fairs, festivals or expositions. The materials that inflatables are made from can resist lots of wear and tear, so you are likely to be able to enjoy the versatility that they offer for years.