Some of The Best Colors and Fonts for Business Signs

Some fonts and colors look better on business signs than others; some fonts and colors work better for larger signs, other should be used only on smaller signage. If you are in the process of designing your own business signs, you are surely overwhelmed by the options available, so here are a few tips to help you create the attractive signage that you need to make your business stand out.

The Best Fonts that You Should Consider

Helvetica, Futura and Avenir are the three most popular fonts used on business signs, but that does not mean that you should limit your choice to these three. There are thousands of fonts available for business signs, so when you choose yours, try to focus more on the features of popular signage fonts and to find fonts that display those features. What the three most frequently used fronts have in common is simplicity and elegance – they are all fonts that are composed of clear lines and are easy to read, adding an element of style and of informativity to any business sign. When you choose your fonts, go for sans serif fonts, that is, for fonts that lack those small lines added to the top and the bottom of the font – those tiny extra lines complicate the design and might make your text difficult to read.

When picking your font, you should also pay attention to the thickness of the font – it is very important for readability. As a general rule, thicker fonts are easier to read and they also add a touch of simplicity to the entire signage design. You should also consider the media on which your sign will appear – some fonts look better on a computer screen or on a digital display, while others look better in print or when transferred to some sort of physical media.

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The Best Colors that You Should Consider

Custom signs Denver creators will tell you that the colors that you use on your business signs will determine the mood and the attitude that your customers relate to your signs with and will also transmit an unconscious message about your brand, therefore you should be very careful when choosing your hues. To be able to pick the hues that create the most positive impact, try to learn as much as you can about color theory and color psychology – while color theory will tell you how to pick colors that work together and create an image that is pleasing to the eye, color psychology will teach you about the message carried by each color, so that you can choose the hues that look great on your business signs and that characterize your brand’s message the most. Until you figure it all out, here are some of the most visible color combinations:

  • A black background with white, cream or very light grey lettering;
  • A white background with black or dark grey letters or with letters in a bright color, such as red;
  • A yellow background with black letters or with dark blue text;
  • A light blue background with black letters.